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Max's Enterprises

Welcome to Max's Enterprises, Limited access geotechnical services

Max's Enterprises is focused on providing the industry with solutions. Our goal is to replace outdated techniques with our revolutionary tooling and machinery, increasing safety and proficiency throughout the geotechnical community.

Welcome to max's enterprises limited access drilling services


Est. 1994 Max’s Enterprises specializes in both environmental and geotechnical drilling  services. David Hunziker has invented various tools for the drilling industry over the years some of  which has been patented and featured in magazines such as The National Driller and Water Well  Journal.  Recently, we've developed several machines designed specifically for limited access  projects with the ability to drill and sample. Our latest innovations allow us to conduct geotechnical operations virtually anywhere, even inside buildings. With more than 25 years of experience you can count on us for all of your drilling needs. 


SAMPLE 3-5ft and 6-8ft in 13 minutes