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Max's Enterprises

Welcome to Max's Enterprises, Limited access geotechnical services

limited access / indoor drilling and sampling


Max Sample


Max Sample HD

  • Designed for interior projects.
  • Setup and sample a hole in one hour in stiff clay soil.
  • Down pressure 20,000 lbs. Retract pressure 30,000 lbs.
  • Continuous undisturbed Shelby Tube sampling with Max Sample and Max Sample HD.
  • 36 inch stroke.
  • Max's builds customized Shelby tubes for depths greater than 6 ft.
  • We manufacture and sell all tools needed for any project.


Max Drill

  • Big Rig power in a small package.
  • Drill with 3 ft augers and sample rods
  • Continuous undisturbed Shelby Tube sampling.
  • 40 inch stroke.
  • Powerful enough to auger through concrete.
  • Excellent mobility for interior projects.
  • Winch for deep geotechnical boring.
  • Ideal for parking lots and no rig access locations.
  • Unit bolts to concrete.